What is Fitness Academy? 

Designed for first-timers to learn all the foundational movements of CrossFit, learn verbiage and movement patterns. Participants will learn movement techniques as well as a progressive introduction to the intensity levels that are inherent in our group classes. We focus on conditioning, building core strength, and teaching proper form and techniques.

How does the program work?

More to come…..

What is required of participants to be successful

The most important factor in a participant’s success is attendance. Participants must be willing to try new things and be ready to give and receive encouragement from fellow classmates and coaches. Participants are expected to give their best effort each and every session.

Are there any physical requirements

Ideally participants should be able to get from a standing position to the ground and then back to standing without assistance from another person. Basic mobility such as being able to extend both arms overhead and pick up an object from the ground will allow participants to do the workouts. As with any exercise program, participants should be considered healthy enough to exercise.

We’ll answer questions like:

“What kind of food should I eat in order to reach my goals, and how much?”

“How does sleep affect me?”

“What supplements should I be taking?”

“I have a previous injury that has stopped me from working out in the past- how do I work around that?