CrossFit 101

Next CrossFit 101 class kicks off on Tuesday*, September 5th, 2017

Class Schedule: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 5:30PM OR 6AM (Minimum of 6 athletes/ Maximum 8)

CrossFit 101 is for new athletes ready to jump start their journey to health and fitness.

4 weeks for only $125!

*Due to Labor Day on Monday September 4th, the first week will be scheduled as Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. 

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What is CrossFit 101

CrossFit 101 is specifically designed for new members who are interested in starting CrossFit and want to build a good foundation and those who believe they lack the fitness to begin CrossFit training.

Participants will learn movement techniques as well as a progressive introduction to the intensity levels that are inherent in our group CrossFit classes. We focus on conditioning, building core strength, and teaching proper form and techniques. You will become familiar with CrossFit style workouts, terminology, and movements.

How does the program work

Participants meet three times a week over a four week period for an hour each time. During these 12 sessions participants will learn and practice the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit using body weight or light barbells. Each session is lead by an experienced coach and consists of a warmup, skills, workout, and cool down.

After successful completion for our CrossFit 101 class, you are welcome to join our regular Arbor CrossFit group classes. 

What is required of participants to be successful

The most important factor in a participant’s success is attendance. Participants must be willing to try new things and be ready to give and receive encouragement from fellow classmates and coaches. Participants are expected to give their best effort each and every session.

Are there any physical requirements

Ideally participants should be able to get from a standing position to the ground and then back to standing without assistance from another person. Basic mobility such as being able to extend both arms overhead and pick up an object from the ground will allow participants to do the workouts. As with any exercise program, participants should be considered healthy enough to exercise.

What is the ultimate goal of CrossFit 101

The ultimate goal of CrossFit 101 is to teach participants to value fitness as a part of daily life and give them the tools they need to stay healthy and fit. This goal is accomplished by helping participants recognize their athletic potential. It is our hope at Arbor CrossFit that after finishing CrossFit 101 every participant will continue to engage in a lifelong exercise program and enjoy an improved quality of life.