Registration for the 2018 winter Gainz course is closed. Please stay posted for our next course which will take place in late spring 2018. 

If you wish to be placed on our waitlist please email us at

Arbor Athlete 2018 Registration
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The Gainz program is focus on pure strength movements and explosive lifts. Both will enhance functional strength, which allows an athlete, in any sport, to become stronger and faster. “Large Loads, Long Distance, Quickly” has been drilled into all CrossFitters. We want nothing more than to RX our WODs with the fastest time. We all want to be stronger and by lifting heavy and following a well structured plan, we’ll help you achieve your strength goals.

What to expect
Expect seven weeks of a coached lifting program based on your personal 1 rep maxes. This program will cover a variety of powerlifting and strongman movements such as bench press, deadlift, squats, yoke carries, log presses, atlas stones, and more.

How often, what times and when does it start?
Twice a week, sessions are two hours

Who is invited?
Only those who have registered for the course are welcome. This course does have an occupancy cap of 9 so REGISTER early. Those who do not make it in, can request to be placed on a wait list for the next course.

Congratulation’s to our 10 athletes that participated in the Winter Gainz! course. Over 1,000+ pounds were gained over their previous one rep maxims — Proud of our athletes for the way they train and their dedication. Such a great feeling to be associated with such stellar athletes!

What’s the price for Gainz?
Arbor CrossFit Athletes (members) ~ $200
Friends of Arbor CrossFit (non-member) ~ $350

For further questions, please contact us at