Why Arbor CrossFit?

Arbor CrossFit was founded on principles of fitness, community, accountability, and integrity. It is our mission to offer the best possible service aimed at helping people of all fitness levels improve their quality of life. Our community-based strength and conditioning fitness programs have been proven effective and deliver unparalleled results.

Please stop by today and meet one of our amazing coaches that genuinely care about supporting you on your fitness journey!


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Our Happy Athletes

Love this place!! Great facility, fantastic instructors, and super friendly members 🙂 I’m a newbie to crossfit, but have never felt out of place here. Thanks for keeping me motivated to come back and be better!
Kayla Kimbrell
Just awesome! I am a novice Crosfitter and was only in town for 3 weeks but still learned a ton and really enjoyed it. This gym is perfect for all skill levels and people.
Brandon Lusk
What do I like about Arbor Crossfit, you ask? EVERYTHING! <3
Ashley Marian
Amazing group of athletes, trainers and friends. Kickin’ facility too
Josh Wheeler
Tina Turner used Arbor Crossfit for inspiration when she wrote the song ‘Simply the Best’.
Devin Throngard
We started taking my boyfriends 7 year old son to CrossFit Kids as soon as it started and he LOVES IT! It has had such a great impact on him wanting to eat better and also helped him in soccer. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their kids activity level and help teach their kids proper form. The coaches are so patient and really make the class FUN! Thanks Maria & Jonathan for offering this great program!
Jessica Hernandez
Awesome box!!! Great programs : endurance, competition, oly , strongman/woman/ kids and great house programming,Awesome coaches , trainers and great atmosphere!!! Join up if you live in Boise or stop by if you are a visiting CFer!!
Carlos Coto
Awesome coaching & community! Arbor also has Kids Check…A safe & fun environment for my son while I workout..he loves going to Kids Check and hanging with Cassie
Julie Anthony
Clean, well equipped, and full of awesome people. This gym is for everyone, regardless of ability.
Steven Wieland
Ok, so I travel. A lot. Arbor is so awesome. Clean, safe, professional and they have kept the price point and options perfect for a drop in visit or two.They even let me sign the barf wall when I tossed my cookies on a Saturday “Whittman” Hahaha I recommend them to anyone! I have worked out at lots of different boxes and Arbor is right up there at the top!
Brentt Blair
The Boot Camp group is small enough that I don’t feel overwhelmed. Kristin is amazing. She breaks learning down into sizable chunks that stick with me. During the workout, I never feel like I’m not part of the group even though I’m very often last – it’s just me against the WOD. Thank you, Maria and Jonathan you’re doing a fantastic job – you’re building something special at Arbor. Know that people notice.
Lisa Stickler
I’ve always struggled with being overweight and doing something about it. When my best friend told me about CrossFit, I thought she was delusional. There was no way I could hang around with six-pack toting, elite athletes performing exercises beyond my comprehension. CrossFit seemed impossible, but I had to do something to change my life or face the very real alternative of my life being cut short. Thankfully, Arbor started offering a Basics Boot Camp. I signed up, took the classes, and soon realized that CrossFit is not impossible, it’s accessible. I learned about the foundational movements, Olympic lifts, and how much fun kicking your own butt, while exercising, can be. The best part of Basics Boot Camp was my fellow boot campers and coach, Kristen. It’s a community of people who support you, motivate you, and push you to reach your full potential and more. They become family who talk about everything from your max clean and jerk to how your job is going, and what your favorite local brewery is (Payette Brewing). It was a great introduction to CrossFit, and the catalyst for my weight loss and healthy living. CrossFit has taught me that things are only impossible if you let them be. If this work-in-progress-determined-fat-kid can do it, you can to.
Leon Samuels
I had been thinking about doing Crossfit for awhile but wasn’t sure how to start. Someone told me about Crossfit 101 and figured I would give it a try and am really happy I did. The class helped give me a basic knowledge of technique while giving me a baseline fitness level to build on…Oh and the people (coach,classmates) were awesome!!! The class helped me realize that Crossfit while challenging isn’t impossible
Steven Vugrin

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